Dating Me

The Wise, The Mature & The Satisfied.

From relationships to our line of work, everything that has happened in your life is connected to your future.
Dating Me is a memoir of a young woman learning her way through life , trying to understand where she fits, and picking up life lessons along the way. From talking about the pain of losing a loved one, to finding happiness in self, success on the other side  and failures that come with it. 
The time is now, so get ready for a no-nonsense ride through growth, awareness, maturity, and everything in between!

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About the author

Areatae N. McGhee is an inspiration-based Author, Certified Family Life Educator & Self-Publisher from the Pacific Northwest, whose love for writing started while journaling as a young child.

This turned into writing poetry & music which provided an outlet to express herself. Ms. McGhee inspires others to reach for their dreams through one-on-one personalized mentoring and encouragement through family & friends. She fuels her fire from believing in herself and never giving up. Also, her ambition is to achieve and succeed, sends a daily message that there is always a way to turn a dream into reality.

" I enjoyed her styling and the poems were definitely riveting and soul inspiring. One of the best young poets to be read".

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her other style of writings from affirmations and motivational quotes which she always gives in her writings to poetry. 

Dating Me- Paperback


Your true, best self awaits…

For anyone seeking clarity on which lane they’re in or a foggy lane, Dating Me is a self-help book to acknowledge awareness of self while confirming you’re already on the right path by focusing on self-love.

Silent Echoes- Paperback


A collection of 69 creative, quick pick me up positive affirmations and motivational quotes to support your peace of mind. Organized by chapters, one can start their day filled with encouraging words and empowering thoughts. 

Torn Back Together -Paperback


Author Areatae McGhee gives that feeling of experience and moments in time that are easily read by the heart. Flip pates and find yourself suddenly wanting to say in a moment that passed and thoughts of a heart torn and what it feels like.

Compositions Within My Mirror- Paperback

This book offers worlds of encouragement , a laugh or you might just find a composition of your own. Find a reflection of original experience presented in personal writing, poetry and quotations.