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Everyone has a reason,  a season or someone who inspire’s them to achieve their goals. Be aware that reaching one's goal is never easy, but it takes persistence and dedication to make it happen. By browsing the site you will find information on what's new, how to purchase my self published book, an online contact form and read an inspiring quote from ~QUEEN~.


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Areatae N. McGhee

"The decision you make today, will determine your future tomorrow. " ~QUEEN~


Composition’s Within My Mirror is a complication of experience’s presented in personal writing’s, poetry and quotations over the span of 17 years. Taking time to read this book will have you relate to different literary works such as 3P’s, B.O.U.N.D.A.R.I.E.S., and My Shoes from another point of view.



Areatae’s love of music exposed her to the art form of writing. Areatae will add to her collection of literary works in various genres of children’s, fiction, mystery, and relationship books.

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