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Owner & CEO of A. McGhee Publishing

Owner and CEO, Areatae McGhee began with a focus on self-publishing, and under Ms. McGhee's visionary leadership has grown into a multifaceted business. Her role as a coach, consultant and entrepreneur epitomizes the power of words and the resilience of living your dream. We are thrilled to share the journey as the driving force behind A.McGhee Publishing.  

"This progression from a creative writer to a publisher and now to a designer has been a natural evolution, embodying my belief that artistry and writing are intrinsically connected to each project I undertake is true creativity that knows no bounds and can beautifully express itself across writing, publishing, and design".

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Dating Me

The Wise, The Mature & The Satisfied.

From relationships to our line of work, everything that has happened in your life is connected to your future.

Dating Me is a memoir of a young woman learning her way through life , trying to understand where she fits, and picking up life lessons along the way. From talking about the pain of losing a loved one, to finding happiness in self, success on the other side and failures that come with it.

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"I enjoyed her styling and the poems were definitely riveting and soul inspiring.
One of the best young poets to be read"


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